How Mallika Cracked Her CISSP Exam!

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2023

Thank you to my mentors, my family and everyone who shared their unique journey to becoming CISSP.




My CISSP Journey was full of turbulence ..


On a career break for the past 8 years to raise my kid, I’m a primary caregiver of 7-year-old, full time driver, cook and a cleaner, shoppers add to the list supporting all the working friends who reach out me you saying any way you are free. Guilty as charged I spoil them all I love doing it all.I have 10 years of IT experience otherwise.


MY CISSP Journey.


I was pursuing CISA. I had my exams coming up in Feb 2021 and in middle of it I got to know about CISSP, and I also enrolled with infosec train for training class for Feb 21, I clearly underestimated the commitment. and just to be on track or to stay on top of it right!! I need it all, don’t I sound like a lost Soul! Each time Mr. Prabh told me 1 thing at a time, but I’m in a hurry I have no...

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