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February 14, 2023

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"Special thanks to Mr. Luke Ahmed for motivating and keeping me engaged in all your videos with your experience shared in a simple way."


"Luke’s questions drove me mad … however they were immensely helpful to be ready for the questions I got at my exam, and on top of that they taught me so much… "


"Explanations of TOC / TOU, SAML, SPML, XACML, OpenID, SCADA, IOT Security were amazing. Luke's explanation with practical examples are extremely well."



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I make my CISSP content from the heart, you will be able to feel it in the videos. I am a CISSP instructor that wants you to succeed even more than you do, because if you do well, then all security professionals do well. I share real-world experiences as it applies to CISSP topics and strive to explain difficult subject matter with simplicity. Your trust in the Study Notes and Theory platform is never taken for granted, and I will always work to earn it as you progress toward your CISSP with this course.

Study Notes and Theory is 7 years worth of CISSP content creation, but it is still not enough. This is the nature of the CISSP exam, it requires multiple resources. It is always advised to get the basic CISSP books first. The truth is, no single resources is enough for the CISSP because the exam requires multiple different perspectives.

Please note: new content is always being added. But so far, here is the breakdown:


59 hours of CISSP videos

875 Practice Questions with Full Explanations

1,500 CISSP Flashcards

Multiple Downloadable PDF Notes

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Also, you can ping me anytime :)

Of course! Please check out the Study Notes and Theory YouTube channel

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 Since we are always updating content, this is a subscription-based service. You will always get new content every month.

There is a 48-hour refund policy. If you are automatically charged and did not plan to continue and require a refund, a refund will be processed with a small processing fee (something like $1 - $4).


It doesn't have to be all that serious though; just email me and we can work something out whatever the situation.

The Certified in Cybersecurity exam is a great beginner course to get you ready for the CISSP exam. Checkout my "CC Course".

What To Expect:

1.  CISSP Practice Questions and Explanations

2.  CISSP stories of success, struggle, failure, and what it's like working in the security industry

3. Latest knowledge and skills needed to pass the CISSP exam

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